Please find the Data Privacy Statement for Realigned Technologies Website here.

Definition of Data

Personas for Jira collects and processes three types of data:

  • User generated Jira content (Jira content like issues, releases, sprints, settings, etc)
  • Persona profile information
  • Error reports
  • Install information (Cloud only)

Personas for Jira contains analytics software from PostHog.

Analytics is used to measure feature usage across our apps. We do not collect personal information at any time.

Data residency information

User Generated Jira Content

All user generated Jira content (see above) is stored within your Jira instance, both on Cloud, Server and Data Center. None of this data is stored by us.

The Cloud version of Personas for Jira is hosted in Helsinki, Finland and all data is processed within the European Union.

Persona Profile Information

Information entered into the persona profile is stored for technical reasons outside of your Atlassian instance (size limitation). We currently host this content in Google Firestore.

Install information (Cloud only)

To enable installation and licensing via the Atlassian Marketplace we collect information about the instance and license upon installation of the app in your Cloud instance.

This information is stored in our databases currently located in Helsinki, Finland.

Error Reports

We use for error reporting on all products.

You can find Sentry's Data Addendum here.

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